The Struggle Bus: Self-Care, Mental Health, and Other Hilarious Stuff

On this episode, Kate and Sally talk quite a bit about the death of pets. :( Then they answer questions about dealing with a partner who’s financially supporting their twin, feeling you have no friends, and having to spend a summer in the same town as your abusive ex partner.

00:00 Welcome to The Struggle Bus

3:03 Opening Jibber Jabber: Kate has a story about storytelling, Sally has a book recommendation that may cause some pearl-clutching. Oh, and an important peanut butter announcement

14:05 A Thing We Did (for Self Care)

20:13 Email #1: What to do when your partner has not-so-healthy family ties

28:01 Email #2: New friend-circle woes

37:38 Email #3: Surviving a summer at home avoiding an abusive ex

51:43 Song Of The Week - Kate's pick

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On this episode Kate and Sally share rad updates about their own lives. Then they read listener emails about mental health issues in relationships, whether you can love someone else if you don't love yourself, and how to deal with toxic friends and whether it's ever OK to tell a friend how you really feel about their partner.

00:00 Welcome to The Struggle Bus 
4:40 Opening Jibber Jabber: Kate's fly update (which includes the most beautiful prose about cluster flies ever written and an impromptu haiku), and don't worry, Sally is going to be OK (hint: melatonin and a new hairstylist)
10:48 A Thing We Did (for Self Care)
12:52 Listener feedback: A thank you from a listener
16:40 Email #1: Worrying about how to negotiate mental health issues in a romantic relationship
32:34 Email #2: Dealing with a challenging group of friends who don't like your partner (and are pretty vocal about it)
1:00:48 Song Of The Week - Sally's pick
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On this episode Kate and Sally jibber jabber about flies, magic, and video games. Then they answer listener emails about being a woman who works in tech bro hell, whether you should throw away an object that’s become problematic, and whether it’s a red flag that a hookup kinda maybe hid their age from you.

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