The Struggle Bus: Self-Care, Mental Health, and Other Hilarious Stuff

In this episode Kate and Sally catch you up on their lives, from how charming and wonderful Norm Lewis is to friend breakups that suck. They discuss emails from a couple of listeners, including one who has figured out the perfect way to trick aggressive bros out of leaving you alone in a bar. (Hint: It involves using heteronormativity as a a subversive way.) They then answer a listener’s question about healthy relationships and how to, like, have one? (Spoiler: We can only guess.)

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In this episode: Kate and Sally read some incredible iTunes reviews, unveil a brilliant new way to incorporate your questions into the show, and get excited about Norm Lewis. They then read a letter from a listener who wants advice on how to deal with sharing a college campus with a stalker/bully from her past. Then Kate and Sally wax rambly about therapy—what it's like, what you can expect, how you know you have a good therapist, and much more. 

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