The Struggle Bus: Self-Care, Mental Health, and Other Hilarious Stuff

In this episode Kate and Sally share some recent health scares (everyone’s fine!) in their lives and their feelings about how complicated relationships become when one partner cares for the other. They then discuss a listener’s letter about being stressed out social worker who is six months pregnant and is dealing with a sex drive that’s bumming her out. Finally, they resurrect (yet again!) the conversation about identity and sexuality and the elasticity of the labels we use.

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In this episode: The Zin is in and the shoes are off (literally). Sally talks about her first ever Christmas and Kate's eventful (not in a good way) New Year's Eve. Next up, Kate and Sally respond to a young single parent who wants to explore a new career but is wondering if it’s too late (spoiler alert: it’s not) and whether it's good parenting to do so (spoiler alert: it is, and we explain why). Finally we respond to an email from a listener in Utah who wants to know what the hell is up with her feelings of jealousy and control in her otherwise open, trusting, and communicative relationship.

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