The Struggle Bus: Self-Care, Mental Health, and Other Hilarious Stuff

In this episode Kate and Sally thank listeners for writing and tweeting amazing things and for reviewing the podcast in iTunes and giving it 5 stars (hint). Kate shares her recent trip on the struggle bus and Sally vents about white people performing allyship. They then discuss a listener's dilemma about finding the perfect word to describe her non-normative sexuality. Finally Kate and Sally address a listener's question about when it's okay for a man to approach a woman on the street to compliment her appearance. Spoiler alert: Somewhere between never and never ever. 

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In this episode Kate and Sally respond to a listener’s question about what to do when an awful person from her past is internet-famous for being a great guy. Plus: Don't ride the struggle bus alone! Use #strugglepodbuds to find other listeners who want a struggle buddy. And finally, how to deal with an overwhelming desire to travel and an underwhelming amount of money with which to do it. BONUS: Kate tells us all about how she recently shamed a street harasser…with an inspired, tear-jerking performance. And a new song of the week!

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In this episode Kate and Sally discuss "emotional vampires," answer listener questions about how to approach someone you like, and how to not hate the world. PLUS Sally recommends a song to get you through the day. Also, news about an upcoming live show!

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In this episode, Kate and Sally discuss siblings, horrible professors and getting out of unhealthy situations. Also, Kate tells an embarrassing story and Sally doles out some wisdom from RuPaul. Theme song by Marty Scanlon!

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In this episode Kate and Sally talk about some of their struggles this week, and answer a listener question about finances and friendship. Plus, what not to do when you see a table full of women at a restaurant. And a new theme song by Marty Scanlon!

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Hosts Kate and Sally discuss how they met, what not to say to someone who has just gone through a break up, and give advice about helping friends through other tough times. Plus, they answer their first listener question!

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